Modern living room with colorful furniture

Re-imagine Your Extra Space

If you have a spare room in your house, it may be the time to bring it to its full potential! With many people still working remotely, we are spending a lot of time in our homes. Why not extend your living space to other areas of your home? If you’re thinking about utilizing a guest bedroom, consider how often over the course of the year you actually use the bedroom for guests. Is it worth keeping when you can create a much more functional space? Here are a few ideas.


Child's playroom with colorful furniture

If you have little ones, it can become very easy to get inundated with toys, trucks, blocks, you name it! All of that crammed into your child’s bedroom may not be ideal. If you use a spare room to store larger toy items and activities it will create a unique space for your child to enjoy their play time and leave their room less crowded. Playdates will be a cinch!

Home Office

Modern home office

A dedicated work space is so important when you are working from home. There is definitely a psychological component to having a specific area used for working versus everyday life. It makes it easier to “switch-off” at the end of the day and not carry our work over into our “off-time”. Having a designated area can also help alleviate distractions, increasing your work focus. This is also a great idea if you picked up a hobby or craft during the pandemic. Creating a space in your home where you can regularly create is just as important!


Bookshelves in modern home

This idea can work two-fold. Not only can you adorn your walls with your style of bookshelves or built- ins, but you can also build a cozy reading area. This helps to create a retreat within your home that would delight any bibliophile. Depending on the size of the room you are working with you can also create your home office space here as well!

Media Room

Modern media room in private home

Adding a media room to your house is every movie buff or sports fans dream! All you need is a large flat screen TV, the right speakers, and cozy seating. Transport yourself and guests with an incredible audio and visual experience.

Attics and Basements

Finished modern basement with pool table and bar

While all of the above ideas can be applied to a spare bedroom, you may also want to consider other types of spaces. Finishing your attic and/or your basement are wonderful ways of creating more living space in your home. This gives you the opportunity to add all the different living areas of your dream home! Finishing an attic or basement is a much larger project of course, but we’re here to help guide you along the process.

Hopefully these creative ideas have given you a new way to look at your home and additional space! Now that you are inspired and want to work on your own home and extend your living space, reach out to us for a free estimate to create the new room of your dreams!