Bathroom remodel in modern home

Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves

Is it time for an upgrade? Maybe you want to add another bath to make your home more functional? Well, we’ve got you covered! There are a lot of moving parts to consider in a bathroom, so we’re highlighting 8 key aspects of a remodel or bathroom build. Let’s go!


Before we get into the details, you first have to consider the space you’re working with. Consider taking the square footage of the room and drafting out a layout of your ideal bathroom. Plumbing can be moved, if need be, but just remember it’s an added cost. Establishing a budget will help shape your decisions on the following points.

No matter the size of the space, you’ll want to consider the functionality and aspects that are most important to you! Some NEED a soaking tub, others a double vanity, maybe even adding grab bars for added stability – all of this is very important to consider when drawing up the new plans. You won’t want to forget about counterspace and storage when putting together your ideal layout!

The Vanity

There are many options when it comes to vanities! You have to consider materials, style, functionality, and size. There’s no right answer, unless it’s for your master bath. Then I have two words for you. Double. Vanity. You really don’t find many master baths without them. So, if you’re remodeling and don’t currently have one, it’s time to add a game changer. It also improves resale potential – it’s really a win-win!

Trend Alert: Floating vanities have become very popular because they create an illusion of more space in a room.


You’ll want to select the finish you plan to use that goes with the overall look you are trying to achieve. Most popular finishes include chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Trend Alert: Waterfall showers are trending because it lends a hand to the “outdoor feel” that many are trying to achieve, creating a naturally calming effect.

Bathroom tile remodel


There are different areas in a bathroom that you can use tile. First, it’s important to establish what type of aesthetic you are looking for. Some bathroom remodels look to do unique tile on the walls, floors, and shower. Some prefer a more minimalist use of tile and want to bring in other materials like natural woods or stone.

Trend Alert: Large-format wall tiles have become very popular over the more mosaic look in 2021.

Bathroom tub remodel

Soaking Tub

This has become a necessity for many when remodeling their master bath. You have many style options to choose from for a soaking tub; there’s the more ornate clawfoot models and then there’s the more minimalist flatbottom, freestanding alternatives. The latter has become more popular, and with a pandemic – self-care has become exponentially more important. Not only can adding a soaking tub increase your home value, it is also an investment in your health.

Trend Alert: You’ll want to opt for a more modern aesthetic, either free-standing or drop-in style!


Showers are still a main focus in a bathroom remodel. In bathroom design, showers have been getting larger in more recent years which is definitely important to consider when creating a new floor plan. A larger shower helps add an element of escapism. A shower niche for soap and shampoo is a nice touch too!

Trend Alert: Multi-functional spaces have become very popular, often times you will see a shower enclosure also including a free-standing tub in newer bathroom designs.

Bathroom modern remodel


Lighting has become a very design-oriented component of bathroom remodels; you want to make a statement! Integrated lighting has also become increasingly popular, you will see more backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets in bathroom designs.

Trend Alert: Pendant lighting has become very popular, with a more modern and geometric feel.


If budget allows for it, there are a lot of really neat extras that you can incorporate in your new bathroom layout. Our favorites? Additional storage, heated floors, and a heated towel rack. These added bonuses will not only benefit you, but are little extras that can draw homebuyers when it comes time to sell!

There is definitely a lot to consider! If you’re still not sure exactly how to go about your remodel, reach out to us! Whether you’re looking to gut and start over or just make some cosmetic changes, we are here to help guide you through the process.