Living room with yellow wall and beige couch

Pantone Color(s) of the Year

The renowned authority of color, Pantone Color Institute has announced their 2021 colors of the year, and while you may not be using both colors in the same room, they’re both equally exciting. This is the first time Pantone selected two colors as the colors of the year, “No one color could get across the meaning of the moment,” Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, explained to The New York Times. “We all realized we cannot do this alone. We all have a deeper understanding of how we need each other and emotional support and hope.” Well balanced, just like the two colors selected, a gray called “Ultimate Gray” and a yellow called “Illuminating.” So, let’s dive into these colors and how they can be used in your home.

Gray representing neutrality and balance may just be the color change you need to kick off the new year.  “Ultimate Gray” strikes a nice balance that can help set the tone for your home in 2021. A gray like this paired with warm colors (yes, even yellow!) can create a welcoming space. The best part is that it is so versatile! You can use it in any room in your home whether you are doing full wall cover or just an accent wall.  Gray can be adapted into so many different designs.  You can pair it with house plants for a Zen feel, or pair it with bold colors for a modern look. Bring some peace and calm into your new room design this year, you deserve it!

At the same time, it’s also only natural to want to look for something a bit more optimistic and cheery when selecting a paint color for your remodel. “Illuminating” is the epitome of optimism with a rather radiant disposition. When commonly being associated with the color of happiness, yellow deserves the spotlight capturing the same joy of sunlight. You can energize your bathroom with a fresh coat, or enliven your kitchen with this welcoming hue. Yellow is also supposed to help your focus, so maybe consider it as an accent wall in your new home office! You will want to avoid using it in nurseries as it is said to be the color that makes babies cry the most.

We are excited to see the projects our clients come up with this year, and interested to see if either color becomes more prevalent! Whether you are more apt to the sleek and sophisticated gray, or the happy and inviting yellow, a new look in the new year is a win-win. If you need help with a new home project, reach out to us for a free estimate.

By Katherine Fosella