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How to Make Your Home Conducive to Both Relaxation and Productivity

The way businesses and individual workers get things done has evolved in the last few years. One of the biggest changes is the increased number of people working remotely. Whether you work from home full time or just one day a week, it is important to ensure your home is set up to maximize productivity while still allowing you to relax.

The most important aspect of working from home is ensuring that you actually have somewhere to work. Whether it is an entire room or just a corner of one, this area should be quiet and free of distractions.

Make sure the space is organized. Every item should have a designated place. Create a storage system for papers. If you have a lot of papers, it may help to invest in a filing cabinet. If you have only a few, consider storing them in labeled folders in a desk drawer. Your digital documents should also be organized. Use cloud storage to ensure they are safe even if your hard drive crashes. Use digital folders to separate documents and use a uniform system for naming files.

Pay attention to the ergonomics of your furniture and equipment. If you do a lot of typing, consider a keyboard designed to position your arms at a more natural angle. Invest in a standing desk to avoid sitting all day. Choose a desk chair with lumbar support. It helps to shop for furniture in person so you can make sure it is comfortable before purchasing.

The non-work areas of your home should be calm and conducive to relaxation. Bradsell Contracting’s professional painting service can update your wall color to a hue that you find relaxing. Blues and greens are generally considered calming, but choose whatever color works best for you.

Research shows that a cluttered home can have a negative impact on overall wellbeing. Donate or discard items you no longer want or use. Consider storing objects out of sight to minimize visual clutter.

If you enjoy spending time outside, do what you can to make your yard more relaxing. Many individuals enjoy an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining family and friends or even simply adding variety to your daily routine. Some common elements include:
• Sink
• Refrigerator
• Grill
• Range hood

Appliances in your outdoor kitchen should be protected from the elements to ensure they last as long as possible.

One area of your home, the bedroom, is important for both productivity and relaxation. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts productivity and mood. Practicing good sleep hygiene is important for getting a good night’s rest. Make sure your room is cool and dark. If your electronic devices emit light, turn them off or move them to a different room. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive. A mattress topper is a good way to revive your bed without making a major investment. If sounds wake you up during the night, consider sleeping with a fan or white noise machine on.

By making sure your home has specialized areas for work, relaxation, and sleep, you are setting yourself up for better productivity and overall wellness. Tailor each of these areas to your unique needs and wants so that you get the most out of your home.

By Lin Buckner