Exterior of contemporary home with light gray color

Exterior home projects are well underway!

But don’t worry, if you’re thinking of refreshing your home exterior there is still time to get started. We’re bringing you some of the top color selections for your home exterior.


Exterior of modern home with beige color and blue accents

A general crowd pleaser as it goes with nearly any neighborhood, beige with white trim has become a go-to! Beige evokes a welcoming feel on a homes exterior, making it more inviting. You can add more personality to it by using a bolder color on shudders and doors, like the use of royal blue in the above home.

Shades of Gray

Exterior of modern home with shades of gray color

Gray is not only a popular interior paint color, but has also become a predominant choice for home exteriors as well. Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Floor is a deep gray with blue undertones, that is truly striking when paired with black and white accents.

Near Black Shades

Exterior of modern home with dark colors

Black home exteriors have been trending for a few years now, and we can see why! Our client upped the drama for their home exterior opting for a near black shade, and we love the end result. Another near black favorite of ours is Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty.

Harmonizing Colors

Exterior of modern home with harmonizing colors

It’s increasingly more popular to use more than one exterior color. This can be especially true for mixed medium exteriors. Pairing different harmonious colors together can create an overall dramatic look like the above home exterior.

Overall, we’re seeing a lean towards neutrals, the ever-popular navy classic, and the more dramatic shades of gray and nearly black shades. Whether you’ve already picked out your favorite or you’re having trouble to decide, reach out to our team! We can help guide you through the process and get your home’s exterior looking like a brand-new construction before you know it.