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So, it’s time to replace your deck? Or maybe you’re building a new deck? There’s a lot to consider with so many different materials available for the job. We’re breaking down the most popular options so you can select the perfect deck for you!

Pressure-Treated Wood

This is probably the most common decking material, although in recent years it’s seen some rivals. Pressure-treated wood is lower cost and is treated so it’s anti-rot. The natural color gives you the availability to change the color with stain if desired. If properly maintained, a pressure-treated wood deck can last for almost 50 years! Now that’s a solid investment! And what does proper maintenance entail? You will want to refinish it with a clear sealer or stain every other year to preserve and extend the life of the deck.

Cedar Decking

Cedar is another great natural option that is naturally resistant to rot because it’s resistant to moisture absorption. The strong natural coloring also makes it an attractive choice, but it can also be sanded, stained, and treated. However, it is a softer wood so it requires maintenance and care to keep it looking new. It is a good idea to seal a cedar deck once a year to extend its life which can range from 24-30 years.

Vinyl Decking

The newest material option, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is becoming a crowd favorite for decks. It is virtually maintenance- free, fully recyclable, and quite resilient. With color options in brown, gray, white, tan, or even wood grain patterned, it gives you a wide selection to choose from without having to sand and stain to get the desired color. Give it the occasional wash and this deck could last between 20-30 years.

Composite Decking

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, then you may want to invest in composite decking. Not only that but composite decking, or decking made from a combination of plastics and wood fiber, is less likely to show signs of age, or be scratched by pets. Composite decks can last over 20 years and hold up well with the change of temperatures in each season, helped by the fact that it’s moisture resistant. This is a very durable decking option, that can be customized to the color you would like – even something resembling natural wood. Though, the color cannot be changed in the same way you would with natural wood material. If you know what you want, this is a great choice for longevity, durability, and low maintenance. Bonus, most composite decking is often made up of 95% recycled materials, making it an eco- friendly choice!

There are many different deck options out there, these are the most popular in 2021. There are many factors to consider when selecting your material choice. If you have questions, or want to discuss your deck build or rebuild, give us a call or contact us here. Let’s get your outdoor living space in tiptop shape!