Modern home in winter season

Prepare Your Home For Winter

It is that time of year again! Whether flurries in the sky excite you or make you long for next Spring, we compiled a list of the best ways to get ready for Winter!

  • Clean Out Air Vents
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan Blades – This will help push the warm air down from the ceiling to keep you
  • warmer.
  • Check Seals Around Doors and Windows – Heat can escape here and cost you more on your
  • heating bill than necessary.
  • Remove Any Window AC Units or Cover to Insulate
  • Cover Your Central Air Conditioner – This will help protect your compressor.
  • Check Your Roof – See if there are any weak spots or leaks, which can cause major damage once snow is piled on and melting over time.
  • Clean Out Gutter – If gutters are clogged, they can lead to ice dams, roof leaks, and a whole host of issues.
  • Winterize Your Sprinkler System
  • Disconnect Garden Hoses
  • Drain Outside Water Faucets – You will want to avoid freezing pipes.
  • Service Your Chimney – Make sure it’s clean and in proper working order.
  • Check On Snowblowers, Portable Generators and Other Essentials – You will want to make sure
  • they’re in working order before you actually need them.
  • Trim Trees – This will help avoid downed limbs during snow storms.

Not only will most of these items help with your heating bill, they will also help prevent damage to your home. Leaving you free and clear to enjoy the season with peace of mind! If you come across any issues when preparing your home, reach out to us! We are here to help you, whether it’s re-sealing old windows or a roof replacement. We have all your building needs under one roof!